Humans Suck

I was on the train coming home from work today.  We stop at a station and there’s a woman on the platform screaming her lungs out.  No words, just howling like a wounded beast.  Several of the passengers can be bothered to stare, make snappy comments and generally be useless.  No one goes to see if she’s wounded, been mugged, or what.  I whip out my cell phone to call so that the police can come see what’s wrong with her.  The jackass behind me hears what I’m doing and starts singing his “nigga gansta” rap rather loudly until I look at him and tell him that I’m on the phone.  I was quite prepared to throttle him with the earphones on his ipod at that point when he takes the cue from my expression and moves off up the train.  Finally, the police come on and they say that they’ll go check on her.  I hang up and get dirty looks from some of the passengers. Coming on the heels of what happened with Molebert, my faith in humanity isn’t exactly at its high point right now.

Molebert Update

It is with great sadness that we report to you that Molebert passed away at about 10 am this morning.  Apparently the ant bites were too much for the little fellow, since he’d been taking food, water, and formula as well as evacuating.  Getting up and feeding him every three hours 24×7 made us get quite attached to the wee thing and we were hoping that he’d live.

I’m very angry at the wildlife rehab people.  We probably called 40-50 people trying to find out what to do with/for Molebert.  I left very detailed messages. Only 2 of them bothered to call me back.  One was going to come get him but I never heard from her again and I have no idea what number I reached her at in the first place.  The other was a wildlife refuge in San Antonio.  What the wildlife rehab people mean when they say “small mammals” is “squirrels”.  They don’t care about anything that’s not either “glamorous” (endangered or nearly endangered animals like owls, hawks, turtles, etc.) or “cute” (squirrels & rabbits). 

I got more help from a vet at the Brox Zoo in New York that I did from my own state.  It’s pretty sad when a New Yorker is nicer to you than a Texan.

Dallas News BLOWS!

In an effort to make a murderer seem like an innocent man, one of the Dallas Morning News writers – one Steve Blow – is publishing articles that have really offended family members of the victim.  In this particular case, Jeff Young was working late and was very brutally beaten to death in 1987 by Ben Spencer. 

Unfortunately, there is no physical evidence linking him to the crime.  However, three seperate witnesses saw Ben Spencer driving Jeff Young’s car shortly after the murder.  How anyone can think that this isn’t proof that he’s at least INVOLVED in the murder if not actually guilty of it is beyond me.  If he is involved in it and not the actual perpetrator, why not name the person who did it?  Wouldn’t that be the simple logical course of action?  Surely you know where you got a car from.  I seriously doubt that someone just walked up to you and said “Hey, man, here’s some keys.  Have a nice day.” and then ran off before you got a good look at them or found out who they were or why they were giving you a car.

Ben Spencer has already been tried twice and convicted twice.  I don’t understand this need to waste tax payer money on a yet another trial.  Ben Spencer’s lawyer is trying to do what all lawyers try to do when their client is obviously and overwhelmingly guilty – get Ben Spencer off on a technicality.  Even some of Ben Spencer’s own family members have expressed relief at his conviction because of his violent temper and scary behavior. 

Now, let me ask you this….  Would you want Ben Spencer moving in your neighborhood?  Living next door to you?  How about next door to your kid’s school?  I really don’t understand why Steve Blow has refused to write about this from victim’s family’s perspective?  Perhaps Mr. Blow-job (since he’s apparently getting them from Ben Spencer) has never lost a family member to violent crime.  I guess Ben Spencer got good at that while he was in prison. 

I really can’t come up with any other logical reason Mr. Blow wouldn’t want to do a story from the family’s point of view. Surely that’s as compelling as trying to get an obviously guilty man off the hook by trying to sway public opinion. 

Here’s a case in point why scary people need to be 1) locked up permanently or 2) just put to death.  An entire family is dead in Conneticut because some parole board decided to release two really scary guys.  The beat the father so badly isn’t not certain that he’ll live.  They raped and then set fire to the two teenage daughters.  They made the mother go to the bank and withdraw money.  Then they took her back to the house and killed her too.  Just the same kind of guys as poor Ben Spencer…