Baby Moles

If someone knows anything about baby moles, please drop me a line.  I rescued a little guy from an bunch of ants.  He looks like he’s a bit older – he has hair and wobbles around.  I’m not sure if the wobbling is caused by the ant bites or because he’s just a little guy.  Any way, he’s really cute and I’d like to see him live.  I’ve given him some water, dryer lint to nest in, a grass hopper, and a very small earth worm.  I don’t have a good way to keep him warm so I’ve left him in the garage

If he’s still alive tomorrow, I’ll stop at the bait store and buy him some worms.  I tried to dig some up out in the yard, since everything says they eat earthworms.  I didn’t find any though so as a last resort, I will purchase some.  I just hope that they’re small enough for him to eat.