Bomb Jokes on Public Transit

In this day and age who makes such tasteless senseless statements?  We live in age where it is all too likely that your plane, school,train, shopping mall, bus, sporting event, or whatever might actually have a bomb placed somewhere.  Ask the subway users in London if they think that sort of thing is funny.  Ask people who were on the train in Lisbon.  Ask the people who ride the bus to work in places like Jerusalem, Berut, or Manilla if they think that sort of thing is funny. 

Comments and panks of this nature simply cannot be allowed.  They tie things up while people are evacuated and plane, mall, or whatever gets picked through top to bottom to see if it’s “for real”.  There’s a huge cost in resources and they might even enable a terrorist to carry out their heinous deeds. 

Frankly, I think the Phillipino laws about such things are a fine model for the US.  You get an automatic 5 year jail sentence and nice hefty fine.  That sounds grand to me.  Wish we had that here.  Then the next time some dork decides that he’ll phone in a bomb threat because he doesn’t want to take a test in school, he won’t have to worry about tests any more.  Well, not written ones anyway.   He’ll be figuring out how to keep someone from calling “Bitch” and meaning it.