Cop Busted for Pot Brownies

In what is surely a record setting-level of stupidity, a Michigan police man stole pot from the evidence room.  He and his wife took it home and apparently made brownies out of it.  After eating the brownies, they became convinced that they were dying and called 911. 

If you really want to, you can follow the link and listen to the 911 tape.  I don’t think anyone ever died from eat pot brownies.  The real kicker is that his only punishment is to be allowed to quit his job.  Had you or I or anyone else done this, we’d be in jail and up on charges.  Tampering with evidence, theft, possession of a controlled substance, and probably a few other things, as well. 

He’s a police man, after all.  He’s supposed to be setting an example for the community.  He’s supposed to be held to a higher standard when it comes to abiding by the law.  He’s supposed *not* be doing that sort of thing in the first place.  For him to do this and not be charged with every thing that they can dig up to toss at him is just unconcionable.  I come from a long line of city, state, and federal law enforcement.  The worst thing you can do, the most sure way to become a pariah, to have your very name become anathema to everyone is to be a dirty cop.  A cop that steals evidence is a dirty cop. 

Frankly, I think that this shows that the rest of the police department there is probably corrupt and all doing the same thing, since they don’t seem to be too upset about this.  I don’t know why Michael Celeski, the chief of police, hasn’t done something about it.  I know that the police chief here wouldn’t tolerate such a thing.  I also don’t know why, John O’Reilly, the mayor or any of the members of the city council haven’t stepped in and demanded that something be done.