30 Random Things About Me

  1. I really need a nap right now.
  2. I got my office in my new house painted this weekend.
  3. I have red hair. 
  4. We finally got our Internet stuff set up this weekend.  We have wireless throughout the house.  (Big happy dance at our house).
  5. Our new Direct TV HD keeps making this loud, weird crackling noise.  It was really freaking me out until I realized it was coming from the box. 
  6. I need more coffee – see item # 1.
  7. I wear a women’s 8 1/2 EE shoe.
  8. Our paint colors on our new house so far are: Stone Quarry, Mississippi Delta, Misty Glen, Brushwood, Camelcoat, and Stonington Beige.  It’s Glidden so you can look them up.
  9. I need to mow the yard.
  10. I love my new Mac Powerbook.
  11. I need a massage.
  12. Our office is really quiet right now – see items 6 and 1.  This is *not* helping.
  13. I had Pad Thai for lunch. 
  14. I’m really angry at someone I know.  They’ve done something I think is terrible.  I can’t make them listen to me but it really isn’t right.
  15. Woot! Half way there….
  16. I never tell anyone my age.
  17. The basic food groups should be salt, sugar, fat, caffine, and chocolate.  What else do you need?
  18. I think that most organized sports are gay.  Football – spandex pants & showering together afterward.  Boxing – tassled boots, silk pj’s and you win a belt & a purse.
  19. I think our immigration policy needs to be reformed badly.
  20. I think our welfare policy needs to be reformed badly.
  21. I think our educational system needs to be reformed badly.
  22. I don’t understand why more people don’t question what goes on around them. 
  23. Everyone says Paris Hilton is stupid.  I have to disagree.  She’s making a nice living being a spoiled slut.  The rest of us have to work.  How dumb is that?
  24. People say that recycling is good for the environment.  All I see is that it’s created some really crappy low paying jobs that no one wants to do something that we don’t really need.  Watch the Penn & Teller “Bullshit” episode about recycling. 
  25. I think PETA should really stand for “People Eaten by Terrifying Animals” since they’d like to let the lions, tigers, bears, cheetahs, leopards, etc. at the local zoo loose in your neighborhood. 
  26. I was on the Internet before Netscape 1.0 was released. 
  27. I love scuba diving. 
  28. I haven’t told my husband yet, but I want to buy some animals (dog, cat, and maybe a llama).
  29. I’m really not looking forward to digging the post holes to fence 2 acres.  If I use the fence I want that’s 122 post holes.  If we use what my husband wants, it works out to 140 post holes.  Either way, UGH!!!  Anyone want to dig post holes in exchange for beer?
  30. I’m also an ordained minister.


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