Verified Response

Dallas has rolled out the welcome mat to burglars.  The police no longer respond to burglar alarms until the alarm company has verified that there is indeed a burglary in progress. What the means is that someone can go steal a pickup, drive that stolen truck into your business, make off with your cash register, and no one will show up.  This explains why the new popular crime around here involves driving stolen vehicles into buildings and either grabbing the cash register or the ATM to make off with the cash.  Now the business is effectively shut down due to damage to the building and the no only is the owner out the cash from the robbery, but they’re also out thousands of dollars for repairs. One electronics store has been robbed 6 times in last six weeks by the same couple.  Another pharmacy is also being robbed weekly for their supply of prescription medications.  Both of these businesses are close to having to shut their doors.  Thanks a lot, Chief Kunkle.