Open Source Dork-O-Rama

One of the biggest complaints about Linux is that it’s hard to use.  I have to say that I tend to agree with this, especially when the package maintainers loose their freaking minds.  Yes, as hard as it is for me to admit some times, even IT geeks can be dumbasses. 

What am I on about you ask?  Well, we recently upgraded two of our servers here.  They run what has become a particularly problematic version of Linux called Gentoo.  Now, I want to be clear here.  I’m not poking at all Linux.  I’m a huge proponent of *nix, but I’m more of a FreeBSD fan myself, since it is just as free (dollar-wise) as Gentoo and maintained by a group of people I consider to be far more sensible.  It’s also a true Unix operating system, much like many of the high end things I operate at work. 

The upgrades were necessary to maintain the security of these servers since they’re exposed to the internet.  The people who make the install package for the shiny new version of Apache, our web server, have decided that they suddenly do not need to include the basic modules that Apache uses in order to operate – little things like mod_auth that are enabled by default because everything in the world ties into them. 

After several hours of hacking on what should have a 10 minute thing, I’m going to have say that I’m most displeased.  Why anyone in their right mind would remove things that are vital to the function of the server is beyond me.  They need to step away from the crack pipe.