Organ Raffle

In a new twist for reality shows, they’re sinking to an all new low.  A terminally ill woman is going to pick the recipients of her kidneys.  She’s only got two kidneys and she’s picking from a list of three people to decide basically which two of the three will live and who will die.  The show is happening in the Netherlands, the launching pad of other reality shows like Big Brother.  The government there has called for the TV station to scrap the show saying that it’s “wretched and unethical”.  The TV station has said that the odds of getting a kidney from them are 66% which are much higher than the average on the transplant list.  The average odds of obtaining a transplant are less than 1%.  That means that you’ll likely die before you get an organ. 

There are several moves afoot to combat this including LifeSharers. The way that this works is that you sign up to donate your organs when you die.  Your organs will be offered to any LifeSharer member that needs them first before being disbursed to the rest of the transplant list.  Should you need an organ, you, in turn will get priority consideration from organs donated by other LifeSharer members.  Most organs go to transplant recipients that have never agreed to donate any of their organs. 


2 thoughts on “Organ Raffle

  1. I think that’s sick.  But whatever.  I wouldn’t tell them to scrap the show though.
    You always have the craziest news.  Where do you get this stuff.
    And I’ve looked for you on AIM and MSN; I just can never catch you.  Is you MSN or  Tried both, but figured I could get rid of the one it’s not.

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