House Hunting

We’ll call them Mr. and Mrs. Dorkbutt.  Now that’s not their real name but if you read by blog you know that the names are always changed to protect the stupid.  See the Dorkbutts got themselves transferred out of state so they put their house on the market.  Well, we saw and it and liked it enough to sign a contract to buy it. 

This contract involved a lot of hashing back and forth with the Dorkbutts over their HugesNet satellite internet dish.  This is an item that Mr. Dorkbutt claims he paid $2000.  I’m not really buying that since the house is only 5 years old.  Current pricing on those dishes from HughesNet is only $398 with a $100 rebate.  Now keep in mind that deeds are searchable on line.  He bought the house on January 20, 2004.  I doubt that the price has dropped 80% in three years. 

Why am I yapping about a satellite dish?  Well, here’s the deal.  After some fairly extensive negotiations with the Dorkbutts over their satellite dish, it was agree that they’d leave it.  We conceded  several things that we wanted in order to have the roof left in tact.  We don’t want the dish.  They charge too much (nearly $80/month) and the latency in the network traffic is so high as to make it all but useless to me since you can’t maintain a VPN or firewall connection because at 600 ms latency, the connection will time out.  

The short version of this is that I really didn’t want their stupid dish.  We just didn’t want anyone on the roof of the house screwing around.  Now this MO-RON has removed the dish involation of sale contract and had someone perform a very substandard roof repair.  You see, the dish was mounted through the roof decking.  The Dorkbutts hired someone to make some other repairs to house that were uncovered in our home inspection.  While this person was out making those repairs, he just happened to accidentally remove the dish.  Then, instead of making a proper repair, he plugs the holes with silicone caulk. 

Now the rest of the roof is 20 year shingles with only 5 years gone off them.  But I have big thumb sized holes plugged with blobs of silicone bathroom caulk.   That will last 30 days at most.  So now they done exactly what we didn’t want them up there doing – taking their precious dish and screwing up our roof. 

They don’t seem to think that they should have to pay for this either.  It all just “a mistake”.  We went back and forth over this stupid dish for nearly two weeks during the negotiations.  We explicitly told them that we didn’t want them taking the dish because we didn’t want any damage to the roof.  We explicitly told them that we didn’t want them up on the roof after the home inspection was completed.  We explicitly told them that we didn’t want any substandard repairs made to something as important as the roof and offered to have the dish taken down ourselves and shipped to them at our own expense JUST TO KEEP THIS VERY THING FROM HAPPENING. 

Now they’ve gone and done it.  I’ve had a lawyer looking at everything and the gist of what he says that we can sue the pants off them if we want to and that we can keep the house tied up in litigation so that they can’t sell it.   We’ve offered to settle with him for $1650 cash back at the closing.  That covers the repairs and our lawyers fees.   We think that’s more than fair.  We sent an amendment to the contract and told them that we’re going to sue them if they don’t sign it.  They seemed pretty eager to sell the house but now they’re being awfully quiet.  I hope that they sign it.  I think it will be a big relief for everyone to just be done with all this and have it behind us.