Glory What???

Some of my regular readers might recall the bit I did a while back on the map of Dallas.  In case some of you have forgotten, everything really is bigger in Texas.  We have what I’m quite willing to put forth as the world’s largest wiener.   Lest you think I’m kidding, I’m not.  It’s about 80 miles long  and about 20 miles wide.  This is the original map.  I’m told that some people have problems seeing the giant wiener, so I’ve high-lighted it here.  This is real honest actual map of the DWF area.  You can look it up on map software you please.  I’m really not making this stuff up.  Nor is this the only gential-like set of highways here.  The regular map, pulled back (pun intended) a bit, here will show you.  In case you’re having trouble seeing it, I’ve marked it here.  That’s right folks, we have a giant cooch to go with our giant wiener. 

Now to add to all the fun, they’re proposing something that they’re calling Glory Park. Now, this will run right down one of our highways here.  Given it’s placement, I find the name Glory Park to be extremely amusing.  If anyone knows a gay man, ask him what a “Glory Hole” is.  Anyway, without further ado, here’s the placement of the park