Stupid Criminal Tricks

An in-duh-vidual, attempting to break into a local grocery store, used the downspouts to climb up to the roof.  He was apparently trying to get in to the store through the air conditioning system.  The alarm went off, the store owner verified that there was a burglar, and the police arrived.  The man was unarmed and kept threatening to jump while walking around on the roof and taunting police.  

Good this mo-ron didn’t do this in my world.  I’d have told him to please jump and save the taxpayers the expense of a trial and incarceration.  Failing that, I think I’d have had one of the snipers shoot at him to see if we could make him jump.  His reason for not coming down on his own….get this….he’s afraid of heights. 

If you’re so afraid of heights, WTF are you doing on the roof of a supermarket anyway? 


6 thoughts on “Stupid Criminal Tricks

  1. thanks for the comment. I looked through your pics and you look really familiar somehow… do we know each other? he he it”s probly me.

  2. forget what I said about the pic… I just read more of your posts and saw what that pic is for…I feel like an idiot

  3. your confidence in me is over whelming!!! I’m not an idiot just because i’m a male. thats like me saying your dumb just because your a female…(which i’m not really saying it’s just an example) 🙂 so how did you find me if we don’t know each other???

  4. Not such the case with me. I try not to use only one head at a time. :pbut no I was just wondering what brought you to my site thats all.

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