Night of the Living Dead

Well, now isn’t this interesting.  Here, in Texas, we have dead people that vote – particularly in Duval County.  However, the seems to be a reverse problem in India.  The living are being declared dead.  In several cases this is being done by unscrupulous relatives so that they can claim the inheritance of the “dead”.  One man had to argue his case in court for several years before being able to reverse his “dead” status.  Now mind you, it took him 18 years to prove that he wasn’t dead. 

Since he was “dead”, he had his wife apply for a widow’s pension.  Now this was rejected on the grounds that her husband wasn’t dead. If he’s dead enough to have his property confiscated and given to his uncle, surely he’s dead enough for his wife to get the pension she’s entitled to.  Apparently, it doesn’t work like that India. 

He was still unable, even after the rejection based on him being “alive”, to prove that he was alive and to claim his property.  In a further effort to prove himself “alive”, he and a cousin staged a “kidnapping” of the cousin so that there would be some criminal charges brought against him.  After all, what crimes can a dead man commit?  His family, aware of what he was up to, refused to report the kidnapping.