Drama Queen – a.k.a. Stoooopid Women

I know someone that we’ll call her Nancy.  Nancy was dating a guy named Henry.  Henry asked Nancy marry him even though Henry had several other women going on the side, including a couple of other marriage proposals.  Now, Henry is an pathologist (M.D.) and even though he’s 41, he’s got a nice lifestyle from his profession.  Nancy found out about Henry’s other women. 

Henry explained to her that they were just friends, but Nancy wasn’t  completely reassured.  Because she was suspicious, she installed some software on his computer to see what Henry was up to. Lo and behold, Henry is a cheating man-ho. It didn’t take long before the IM’s and emails offered up proof that Henry was carrying on more than platonic relationships with the other women. 

Now, Nancy started poking around to see what else Henry had told her was a lie.  She uncovered an incident where he had beaten a former girlfriend.  Apparently this incident had not been sent to the licensing board and Henry is quite concerned that Nancy will notify them of the incident.  If Henry were to loose or have his license to practice medicine suspended, this would greatly impact his lifestyle. 

Now, instead of just letting this looser go, Nancy has decided to terrorize Henry.  She’s been contacting the other women that Henry has been seeing and informing them that Henry is a wife-beater. She’s made several posts on several web sites and even put up a web site that complains about Henry’s actions.  Most of the information has been removed due to complaints by Henry.  However, Nancy is still unwilling to move on.  She spends her days obsessed by what Henry’s doing and what woman Henry is taking advantage of next.  Apparently, Henry’s newest target is a young lady that works for him.  Since she’s only 21, Nancy wants to advise this girl’s parents of Henry’s previous actions. 

Nancy has also been trying to obtain Henry’s cell phone records and a host of other personal information in the hopes that this will some how give her the ammunition to “ruin him like he’s ruined so many women.”  Frankly I find this behavior to be some what at odds with “normal”.  In spite of suggestions that she seek professional help and being told point blank that she’s acting like a stalker, she persists in knowing what Henry is up to at any given moment.  The really sad part is that Nancy is a single mom.  If she’d devote half as much time and energy to making money as she does to trying to “nail” Henry, she’d a millionaire by now.  I’m sure that her child would benefit from some of this mis-spent time an attention to. 


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