“Dying” Man Spends Life Savings

Doctors misdiagnosed a man in the UK with a very virulent and fatal form of cancer.  They told him that he had at most a year to live.  Thinking that he was about to pass into the great beyond, he started working on the list of things he wanted to do before he died.  He quit his job so that he’d have more time to accomplish the things he wanted.  He spent his life’s savings on travel and his friends and family.  He finally spent so much money that all he has left is the suit that he was planning to be buried in and enough money for his funeral. 

The kicker to all this – when he didn’t die, the doctors decided that they’d made a mistake.  They’re now treating him for something completely different and he’s going to be fine.  Totally and utterly broke, but just fine.  He thinks that the doctors should pay him for all of his expenses.  His logic is that had they made a correct diagnosis in the first place, he would have kept his job, his money, and his house.  Instead, they told him he was going to die so he went off to prepare for that. 

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  The doctors didn’t tell him to spend all his money “living large” but they obviously didn’t give him the impression that he might possibly have anything else wrong with him either.  In similar circumstances, I can well see myself doing the same thing.  I’ll let you guys weigh in with your opinions.  Should the doctors pay up or not?


One thought on ““Dying” Man Spends Life Savings

  1. I am not sure how to feel about this either…I mean.. if they had misdiagnosed him and said he was going to live and then he died, the family would be all over that in a heartbeat.. its the same thing but the other way around.  However, there is the element of responsibilty..it was his decision to quit his job etc… but we’re back to would he have made those decisions if the doctors hadn’t said he was gonna die?? I don’t know.. I would have to ponder on this one.
    RYC:   I had actually done what you had said prior to receiving your comment!! It worked.. I got a very nice letter from my friend after I apologized not for what I said, but the way I presented it.  Thanks so much for your advice!!  🙂

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