Women – Still 2nd Class After All These Years

Well, we’re still second class citizens in most of the world even though we make up 52% of the population.  A recent soccer game, meant to bring Christians and Muslims together on a different (and unarmed) field of conflict was canceled.  Apparently the imans (Muslim priests) felt threatened that even coming into accidental contact with a one of the female priests was unacceptable and might “rouse special feelings” that “could lead to something inappropriate.”  Now…will someone kindly explain to me what’s so dang sexy about a hot sweaty woman who’s been playing soccer?

A shrine in Japan is devoted to nothing more than ending bad relationships.  Guess who visits that?  You got it.  Most of the visitors are women who crawl down a rock tunnel to offer up prayers that their miserable relationship be ended.  I’m thinking you have to be pretty desperate to crawl, on your hand and knees, for fifty feet down a small, claustrophobic rock tunnel to leave an offering and pray to be rid of your boyfriend, husband, etc. 

At the women in Japan aren’t slaughtered for wanting to leave their relationships.  In many countries, it’s easy enough to kill a woman for a wide variety of reasons.  Maybe she didn’t serve dinner on time.  One woman was murdered publically – having her throat slit in the town square because a song was dedicated to her over the radio by someone outside her family.  What backward place did this occur in you ask?  Well, actually it was in Turkey which is by far one of the more moderate Muslim states. 

In places that are even less enlightened than Turkey, the problem is far worse.  If you speak to anyone but a family member, you can be killed.  If you don’t dress “properly” (i.e. wear a bag over your entire body with one eye hole) when you leave the house, you can be killed.  One woman was killed because her husband had a dream that she was going to have sex with someone else.  She hadn’t actually done anything.  He just had a dream.  Another woman was lured by her mother to her mother’s office so that her father and brothers could muder her.  Her great crime that was worthy of a death sentence – she wanted a divorce from a violent and abusive husband.  Lest you think these are some uneducated and ignorant folk – let me disabuse you of that notion now.  Her mother was a physican and her father was a lawyer – a lawyer for the UN no less and involved in human rights issues. 

Maybe the dowry wasn’t big enough to make the husband happy.  He keeps the dowry, kills the woman, and then marries again, obtaining yet another dowry.  Nothing like dousing your new and pregnant bride with kerosene and setting her on fire so that you can find another one.   Not that the second one is likely to fare much better. 

Other women are abused because they or their family reject the man as a candidate for marriage.  Girls have been set on fire, doused with acid, and disfigured in a variety of ways.  Once a suitor is rejected, he may well take it out on the girl in question in order to keep her from being able to marry anyone else.  It’s so heinous and juvenile, it should be punishable by death.  “I can’t have you, so I’m going hold you down while this acid eats half your face off so that no one else will want you.” 

Then we have the modification of the female anatomy in order to render the woman “acceptable” to her husband.  I’m sure that some of you will have heard of the term “female circumcision“.  What most of you do not know is that this practice is quite wide spread.  It normally involved removing most a woman’s external genitals in a ritual fashion.  That means that it’s usually done without any kind of anesthia and with some sort of a crude intrument – like a sharp bone or shell.  It’s also not done in anything like modern hygenic conditions either.  If you don’t survive the process, you were “a witch” and didn’t deserve to live. If you do survive the process, your body is now rendered disfunctional, prone to infection, unable to bear children normally, and often has a whole host of other health issues. 

Then we move on the more “enlightend” countries.  While we’re not property, with all the issues involving ownership and breeding rights, we’re still not equal to men.  The pay gap between men and women, instead of narrowing, is widening.  Decades of being the second wage earner has done nothing for us.  Instead, we pay money so that some $8/hr looser can raise our kids in day care while we work to bring in some extra cash to “give our kids the good life” and  so “they can have all the stuff I didn’t”. 

Yeah – we have equality.  NOT!


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  1. Wow… Didn’t know about most of that. The money thing, sure. I knew that. I still don’t get why we’re payed less though. It’s not right.
    Haha, your comment was funny.You’ll never believe what I saw at the post office this morning! Some woman was walking around in a bath gown, flip flops, shower cap, over-sized sunglasses and a cell phone pressed against her ear. Where’s a camera when you need one?!

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