Stupid Family Looses Mother

I’m sitting her watching the news when they air a plea from some family members to say that if you’ve seen their mother, please call.  When the news anchor comes back on he starts giving all the vital information – photo, height, weight, etc.  He goes on to say that she has Alzheimer’s and a heart condition.  They’re afraid that she’s wandered off and become confused.  He then drops the bomb – she was last seen driving her car (gives the tag number) on (gives road) leaving (gives name of restaurant) after having dinner with her family.

WFT???  What is she doing driving?  Why didn’t those mo-rons take her car away when they found out she had Alzheimer’s?  What a bunch of retards.  She’s got an excuse, they don’t.

UPDATE:  There’s a sad end to this.  Apparently the woman pulled over at a park and died in car.  Had her family picked her up and taken her home, they might have been around to take her to the hospital. 


One thought on “Stupid Family Looses Mother

  1. Ahh, I saw that on the news too. How many older people have gone missing in the past… 3 months? What was it, like 6?
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