Ahhh…The Smell of Texas Politics In the Morning

Well, it seems that our legislators in the “other rotunda” – you know, the one in the state capitol in Austin, have been taking a page from the boys in D.C.’s playbook.  Let’s pass a lot of totally retarded and completely meaningless legislation.  In short, we’re your government and we’re here to make your life as hellish as possible.

New laws up for consideration fall into several categories:

Seems Logical –
Make watching TV while driving a crime (DUH!  Why isn’t it already?)
An “Amber Alert” for missing mentally impaired people (Why haven’t we already done this too?)
Making people secure items in the back of pickups  (I thought we had this, just didn’t enforce it)

Iffy –
Prevent the repo man from taking your bible  (Hmmm….Render unto Caesar, anyone?)
A hotline to report school bullies (Yeah….and as soon as the people from the hotline leave, your local bully will be right over to see you.)
Fines for parents who don’t show up for school conferences  (Obviously the kid is in trouble – hence the school conference.  If the parent doesn’t care enough to show up, doesn’t that already tell you just about everything you need to know?  Do you really want to meet with a larger, angrier version – possibly in stereo- of the kid?)

Are you high? –
Requiring drive-thru windows to supply ketchup at the rate of 1 packet per 5 frenchfries  (You actually want the people at the drive through to count out my french fries so that they know how much ketchup to give me.  It takes long enough as it is!) 
Allowing the legally blind to go hunting with real firearms  (If they can’t see, how do they know we didn’t give them a fake gun?)
Forcing the driver of a more expensive car to yield (Now, in addition to all the traffic laws, I’m supposed to memorize the MSRP of every car on the road so I know if I have to yield or not?)


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