Quest – In Search of Soap

Ladies, never ever send your husband to the store to buy any scented product.  In my case, I asked my husband, who was already going to Wal-Mart, to get me some body wash.  I usually buy the Wal-Mart store brand – Equate – and I’m usually pretty happy with it.  I’ve gotten several different kinds and not really had a bad experience with any of them…until now.

My husband returns from Wal-Mart proudly bearing his trophy – my body wash.  He whips it out of the bag and hands it to me, eyes shining brightly and obviously quite pleased with himself for finding the right thing.  “This is what you wanted, right?”  I nod and stow it in the bathroom to await my next shower.  Now, this was a fragrance that I was not familiar with, but I let that slide.  The color was a nice sage green and it said something about skin soothing with “Cucumber and Green Tea Extracts”.  Later that evening, I go bopping into the bathroom to see what this skin soothing is all about.

I’m in the shower, all wet when I reach down, snatch up my bottle of body wash and dispense a nice big blob on to my washcloth.  Without paying too much attention I start scrubbing.  A few minutes later, I wrinkle up my nose.  “GAH!  What is that gawd awful stench?”  Then I sniff my wash cloth… “ACK!  It’s the new body wash.”  It’s pretty bad when you have to bathe a second time to get rid of the smell of your first bath.  Any of you guys ever been on an interstate and stopped to use the restroom?  You know that really cheap industrial strength smelly hand soap?  Weeeel, let’s just say that’s Equate’s version of “Green Tea and Cucumber”. 


One thought on “Quest – In Search of Soap

  1. Mmm, Green Tea and Cucumber … what a soothing, delicate yet intense perfume. It’s the good memory you know you’ll have after a long trip ;))

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