The Willfully Stupid

I play in an on-line game with someone that we’ll call Suzie, since I change names to protect the identities of the dumba$$es out there.  Suzie has created a character that is…well…if any of you RP, she’s about level -5.  Here’s an actual comment from another player  – (((GAH!! i can’t take it any longer. Suzie – .with all due respect…is ******  completely daft? can’t the girl open her mouth and say anything
that actively engages a conversation? ask a question…make an
observation…does she just sit there with her mouth hanging open
catching flies???)))

She has no skills, no knowledge, nothing at all.  She also has a terminal inability to learn.  Even when the other characters attempt to instruct her character, none of it ever seems to stick.  The other players are sick of it because every time some thing happens, her character stands around wide-eyed and open mouthed.  Now the real kicker is that this character who is unarmed, has 0 combat skills and completely ignorant of everything (“You mean bares eat people?” – no the misspelling is an actual quote) is supposed to have walked half way across a continent to get to where she is now. 

Worse yet, her owner seems to completely lack the ability to spell or to construct grammatically correct sentences. As an example, here’s a post from Suzie – ROTFLMAO! I love *******, she’s SO delishously evil… All she had to do
was flirt with ****** to get the hole bar uncomfertabul. XD XD XP.    This is an actual copy and paste of one of her posts in the game’s forums.  All of her posts are like this and I personally find it to be very annoying.  I’ve tried explaining to her the Google tool bar will do spell checking but that’s much too advanced for Suzie.

I’ve become convinced after several weeks of gaming with her that her character is a “Mary Sue”.  For those of you who don’t know, this means that the owner has projected themselves into the game.  I’ll refer you to the Wikipedia article for more on what this is.  I don’t have room to cover it here.  Her character’s unwillingness to learn, grow, change, or become, in any way, shape, form, or fashion, educated and therefore useful reflects her owners own deep desire to remain as big a dumba$$ as she can possibly manage so that she can continue to milk her status as a single mom. 

What leads me to this conclusion?  From the little I’ve gleaned about her in passing, I’ve discovered that she’s actually quite pleased with her own ignorance.  When questioned about it, Suzie’s actually proud of the fact that she
skipped class during most of her schooling.  Now, keep in mind that
she’s still a teenager, living on her own, raising a child.  She’s
angry at her the father for leaving her.  She was living with her
parents but had to move out because she wouldn’t go to school and they
wouldn’t let her live there unless she did.

She just moved out of state to keep him from being able to see the child and because the cost of living is lower.   Apparently, she can live without having to work on the child support she’s getting from the father.  She spends all and I do mean all of her time in the game.  I run server so I can tell from the time stamps when she’s on.  Her time stamps start early in the morning, – usually around 8AM-ish continue through out the day and usually end around 3 AM.  Now, since she’s raising a kid, I’d like to know who’s watching it.  I wish I knew how to get in touch with the father.  I’d give him the server time stamp log and let him run with it.  In the hands of the right lawyer, she’d be the one paying child support. 

Frankly, I find it repulsive that 1) this mouth breathing moron should be allowed to reproduce and 2) that she’ll likely end up on public assistance, sucking up *my* tax dollars.  I’m a firm beleiver in the fact that some people should not be allowed to have children.  They have as much business with a child as I do with a tactical nuke.  The example that she’s setting for this child, and any others that she might squeeze out, is that you don’t need to work.  Sit around, squeeze out kids, suck up the child support and welfare.  It’ll all be good.  If she were forced to complete in the work place, she’d rather quickly learn the value of knowing the difference between “hole” and “whole” or “bare” and “bear” or just the general value of not sounding like a complete idiot as soon as you open your mouth. 


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