One Letter

It’s amazing the difference one letter can make.  We took a perfectly ordinary SPAM and swapped out a couple of letters –

Hey folks!  Bill Nance here and I wanted to let you know about some exciting news! 

I am proud to announce my latest project…the Bill Nance Complete Ass Fishing Course.  It covers all you will need to know to be successful at Ass Fishing.  You’ll get DVDs and accompaniment CDs on Twelve key topics!  Click this link to learn more about getting Volume 1 FREE!   

Make sure you look around the site and don’t forget that if you purchase the Course and are not completely satisfied…I’ll give you your money back!  This is my Iron Clad Guarantee so you have nothing to lose other than not learning all of my secrets of 35 years of Ass fishing. 

Thanks for reading this email about my new Bill Nance Complete Ass Fishing Course and remember to keep those hooks wet! 

Your Buddy,  

Bill Nance