Ghostly Debunking I

Some people think anything’s a ghost.  My co-worker recently called a site, which we shall not mention by name in to question.  They allow people to post their “ghost” photos.  As a semi-professional photographer and someone with a healthy sense of scientific inquiry, I’ve looked at the photos.  Every one that I’ve seen so far has a completely normal, logical explanation that does NOT require delving into ghosts, ectoplasm, etc. 

I’m going to start with this one, since it’s the most blatant image of all.  These folks seem to think this “blob” on their cookie sheet is evidence of a ghost.  Me…I’m not seeing the after life in this.  Looks like burnt food to me.  So, what’s next – a nice little visit to sell off this wonder on ebay?  I guess you could list it right next to the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich or the Jesus pancake. 

Now here’s the quote from the original site “Please let me explain, my wife and I got a Chinese
take away on Saturday afternoon to have later in the evening. We put
part of the meal onto an oven tray that has been covered in tin foil.
Once we had finished the meal I took off the foil to wash the dish and
found the following image on the dish.”

Rational Explanation – WASH YOUR DISHES.  Poor dish cleaning does not equal a ghost.


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