Slavery in America

One of the things that immigration reform is supposed to keep out of our country is slavery.  Why am I on about slavery?  Well, it seems that a ring of Korean slavers was busted here in the DFW area recently.  This hits hard because, in part, its so close to home.  They were right here in our neighborhood.  Is this or is this not “the land of the free”?  I’m not talking free as in beer, I’m talking free as in liberty.  It also hits hard because they’re women, and we’re habitually taken advantage of.  Just ask any gal that’s taken her car to a mechanic. 

Worse still, this isn’t the first time.  A few months ago, a group of Chinese “businesses” were busted for doing the same thing.  They were bringing the girls in and shipping them all around the country.  If they got in trouble here (for prostitution), they’d ship them to Chicago, LA, New York, or some where else before anyone figured out that they were 1) here illegally and 2) slaves. 

These Korean slavers were importing girls illegally from Korea and
forcing them to work as prostitutes in bars until their “debt” was paid
off.  Magically, their tab never seemed to get any smaller.  If they
needed food, clothing, shelter, or any other basic necessity, it got
added on to their tab.  This means that they’d never be turned loose by
their owners.  I can’t bring myself to call them “employers” when they
owned these girls and made them do the things they were forced to do.

This is the offical statement from the US Department of Justice’s web site “In the last five fiscal years, the Department’s Civil Rights Division, in
conjunction with U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, increased by 871 percent the number
of sex trafficking cases prosecuted as compared with the previous five years. 
And, with four months remaining in the current fiscal year, the Department has
already convicted more trafficking defendants this year than in any other
single year on record.”  OMFG!  871% increase????  WTF???  And the reporting peroid isn’t up yet?  I don’t know if that makes me want to cry or load my shot gun. 

That’s the kind of thing I want to see addressed by immigration reform.  I want to see the drug running across the border stopped.  I want to see the influx of violent criminals across the border stopped.  One county in Texas has seen a 60% decrease in their crime rate by doing one thing – stopping the easy inflow and outflow of people across the border in their county.  I want to see the diseases that come across the border unchecked stopped.  How long until we have malaria and dengue here?  Call me an alarmist, but just remember when it happens, you heard it here first. 

It really boils my oil that LULAC automatically assumes that when anyone starts talking about immigration reform that what we really mean is “immigration reform for hispanics”.  If you don’t have a guilty concience, why would you assume that we mean you specifically? 


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