Four Dollar Prescription Hoax from Wal-Mart

For those of you who may not have heard, Wal-Mart is offering certain generic prescription drugs for $4 for a thirty day supply.  Intrigued as to how Wal-Mart was going to offer these magnificient savings to it’s customers, I decided to do some poking about on the internet.  I found the list of drugs that they’re offering.  Here’s an example of Wal-Mart’s “big savings”:

Generic Claratin – $2.42 OTC  from Wal-Mart

Generic Claratin – $4 from Wal-Mart’s “Big Savings”  

Generic Levsin Drops – $2.16 now from Wal-Mart

Generic Levsin Drops – $4 from Wal-Mart’s “Big Savings”

Nearly a $1.50 more profit for Wal-Mart for the same medication. 

Nice….trick people into paying more money for stuff by telling them that they’re getting some “Big Savings”…sounds like corporate america at it’s finenst ….and they said that Enron and Tyco were the end of corporate corruption.  And they wonder why 68% of high school students say that they routinely cheat.  When this is what they see business doing to get ahead…what kind of an example is that?


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