In-DUH-viduals with Boob Jobs

It seems that a German plastic surgeon has had a problem with his customers paying and in  his  frustration he’s decided to issue wanted posters showing the stolen boobs in question. 

Unfortunately, you just can’t make this stuff up.


8 thoughts on “In-DUH-viduals with Boob Jobs

  1. You little retarded brat!!! You called me a jackass! If I knew you in person I swear I’d be holding BOTH your EYEBALLS in my hand! Then you couldn’t read about mistakes made by people who are trying to recover stray frisbies thrown into a rude dudes yard!!   If I knew that my friends weren’t going to venture onto your UGLY xanga I’d have called you several other words!

  2. Why wasn’t the surgeon wasn’t asking for payment in advance, anyway? It seems a bit naive of him. Now, since I’m a nice guy I will do my utmost to locate these stolen boobies – pro boner… uhm… bono. Morrighu, you are my first suspect. đŸ˜‰

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