Thoughts on Our Islamic Neighbors…

I know how to put an end to all Islamic terrorism.  I can end it right now, for ever.  It’s  so simple  and such an elegant solution.  They use their religion against us.  It’s time we used it against them. 

Tell Islamic extremists that if they start one iota of crap,we’re gonna
nuke Mecca.  If you’d like to visit it any time in the
next…oh….lemmme s ee….  half-life of U-234…hmmm…244,000 years
or so, you’d best get the freaks on a leash.  If they start anymore
crap after that, Medina is next.  If you make us nuke Medina, we’ll use
one the really dirty bombs.  My advice is that unless you want the
numer years until next visit to Medina to run into seven digits, instead of
six, STFU.  Oh, and yes, we are taking your oil.  Thanks for asking.


One thought on “Thoughts on Our Islamic Neighbors…

  1. Personally I don’t believe that announcing this is a good idea. We should definitely nuke Mecca and Medina if US soil is attacked again by Islamic terrorists but it should be swift and unexpected.But I agree that we are definitely pussy footing around way too much in this so called war on terror. Iraq is the best example of this, we are either at war or we are not there is no in between. If we are at war we need to announce that any town that hides insurgents will be flattened no questions asked. After WW2 that is what we did in Germany to squash pockets of resistance, after we had flattened a few German towns killing the towns people word got around VERY quickly that if they hid German soldiers that everyone in the town would be killed. Needless to say the German people started to turn on their soldiers very quickly. If they took the same no-nonsense approach in Iraq our troops wouldn’t be target practice for insurgents right now.I’m not sure if its the “hearts and minds” bullshit or the fact that defense contractors are making a shit load of cash off extending this “war” as long as possible but we are going to a knife fight with a gun and then using our fists.

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