Corel or RIAA – Hard to Tell the Difference

I have a friend who we shall call Lana.  Lana likes to play with graphics and makes a lot of sigs and things for people.  It’s her hobby and far be it from me to frown on anyone who makes graphic sigs for use on things like bulletin boards.  Lana downloaded a trial version of the Corel Paint Shop Pro and then posted it on her RapidShare site for a few of her friends in one of her on-line groups to download.  Keep in mind that this is a trial version and has in no way been cracked, hacked, patched, edited, or anything else. 

What I’m pasting in below is the nasty-gram that Lana got from the lawyers at Corel for helping them spread their trial version of their crappy-a$$ software.  As a result, Lana is now leaving the on-line group that she posted the link to and is boycotting any and all Corel software.  I’d like to urge everyone to write Corel at the address they’ve so kindly supplied below and tell them what you think.

September 25,

Via Email

Re: Your Unlawful Distribution of
Corel Software

Corel Corporation (Corel) is a worldwide leader in software
manufacturing. Corel’s trade-marks have been used and advertised extensively
since 1985 in association with a wide variety of Corel wares and services. Corel
is the exclusive owner of several registered trade-marks, including but not
limited to Corel® and Corel® Paint Shop
Pro® Photo XI. By virtue of these
registrations, Corel has exclusive rights to these trade-marks throughout the
United States, Canada and numerous other jurisdictions. Furthermore, Corel is
the exclusive worldwide copyright owner of Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo XI.

It has come to our attention that you are engaging in the
unauthorized distribution of our product bearing the name Corel® Paint Shop Pro®
Photo XI. (the “Software”). Your unauthorized distribution of this product is
unlawful, infringes on Corel’s intellectual property rights, and is
significantly disruptive to Corel’s business. It is a breach of Corel’s rights
under United States and Canada law and the laws of other jurisdictions. It is
further a breach of our license agreements with our partners and customers.
Finally, your actions are inducing copyright infringement by the end users of
the Software to whom you are distributing.

Also, given the publicity and reputation associated with Corel’s
trade-marks, your use of Corel’s trade-marks causes confusion in the marketplace
and depreciates the goodwill associated with Corel’s trade-marks. We demand that
all use of Corel trade-marks in association with your business cease

As the potential impact on Corel’s business is significant, we
require that you immediately do the following:

1) immediately cease and
desist from redistributing the Software or any other Corel software.

2) provide us with a
written undertaking confirming that you and your business have ceased all use of
the Software or any other Corel software and have destroyed all copies of

3) provide us with the
name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the individual(s) or
company(ies) who supplied you with the Software or any other Corel software. The
list you provide should clearly indicate the supplier and the software programs
supplied by that supplier ie.: publisher, title, number of programs supplied,
date(s) supplied, and amount paid by you to the supplier.

4) provide us with the
e-mail address of the individuals and/or
companies who downloaded the Software or
any other Corel software from you. The list you provide should clearly identify
the individual and/or company and the
program(s) downloaded by that individual and/or company.

Corel is taking this matter very seriously. Please send all
information to us at the address provided below. In the event that you fail to
comply with these demands within five (5) business days we will initiate other
steps to enforce our rights without further notice to you.

Yours very truly,

Natalie Lemieux

Litigation Coordinator

Corel Corporation, 1600
Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1Z
8R7, Canada

Tel.: 1-613-728-8200 Ext. 5219

Fax: 1-613-725-2691



4 thoughts on “Corel or RIAA – Hard to Tell the Difference

  1. Yet another reason why proprietry software sucks. So now you can’t even distribute demo copies of it without getting the corporate gestapo on to you. I wonder when the majority of computer users will wake up and realise that there is another way.

  2. I don’t understand why she would have posted it to rapidshare though… why not just provide a direct link to the installer on Corel’s website? Do you have to register to download the demo like with Photoshop?If so, Corel is being ridiculous. It’s a demo copy- it’s free! It’s not like they have anything to lose by her distributing it. If anything, they have something to gain: potential customers…which is the whole reason behind a demo. So, I agree… they’re being stupid about it.Brian

  3. By the way, I’ve pretty much boycotted all Corel products anyway. I used the Corel 11 suite of graphics tools in my Graphics and Animation class last year and I didn’t like to use it at all. I prefered other tools, like GIMP and Inkscape.Brian

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