HIV Testing for all

The CDC has finally decided to say that testing for HIV should be part of any routine blood work that’s done. 

My response to this is “DUH!” 

I fail to understand why this wasn’t done the instant that they realized that they had a cheap effective test.  The cost for an AIDS test is about $45.  A type and crossmatch, which is done every time that there is a blood transfusion, is about twice that price at $89.  Since early detection leads to increased life spans and the test is almost inconsequentally expensive, I don’t really understand why it hasn’t be required before now. 

My personal feeling is that everyone should be tested periodically.  I don’t care if you’re 90 and live alone.  If everyone has it done, it’s fair.  If you are positive, you should be requred to get a small tattoo of a “+” in an easily conceable area, but one which could easily be checked by a prospective sex partner.  That way those who get it cannot continue to spread it to the unsuspecting.  I know of at least two individuals who did this to the great detriment of their…uh…companions. 


3 thoughts on “HIV Testing for all

  1. Wow they are really late on this one these days you would have to be stupid to have sex with someone and not get a test for almost all major STDs beforehand. Testing is a cheap and in some places FREE way to make sure you never have to spend the rest of your life giving money to pharmaceutical companies.Although ideally I would like everyone to get tested so that everyone knows what they are getting into forcing people to get tested periodically would really be an invasion of privacy and giving tattoos would be disastrous. You are aware that there are cameras that can see through multiple layers of clothing right? And no I am not making this up, and I’m not a conspiracy theorist if you want a small taste of this technology buy a Sony Nightshot camcorder pre-99 and use nightshot mode during the day time or find yourself a current sony nighshot camcorder and mod it.Now you are probably wondering wth that has to do with the tattoos well guess what? With this sort of technology you can see tattoos on peoples bodies. Can you imagine the kind of discrimination and panic this would cause. Employers could setup more powerful versions of these cameras when interviewing potential employees and deny them a job if they think there is a tatoo. Think of all the psychos who would run around with these sort of cameras and start pointing out people with AIDS on the streets or even killing them for that matter so they don’t spread the disease.

  2. My initial position on this was the same as the above poster: forcing people into getting the tattoo would be an invasion of privacy. So I won’t get into that.I wonder how the complementary measure would measure (:D) against the one you mentioned: of course, you can’t get a tattoo that says you don’t have HIV. But you can carry a signed piece of paper in your wallet that says you had a test this many months ago and you’re alright.

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