Calling A Spade A Spade

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not much in favor of arguing about religion.  It’s a lot like arguing about who has the best imaginary friend.  Still, I can’t see bashing the “new Pope” for calling Islam a somewhat violent religion.  I come from Texas and we call things by what they are here.  If stupid is as stupid does, then violent is as violent does. 

When you can scroll through a list of the known terrorist organizations in the world and eight out of ten have ties to Islam, I think they got a fair label.  When you have a group of zealots who use suicide bombs to make “political statements”, I’d call that violent.  When you have a lot of those groups who belong to your religion, I’d call the religion violent.  When they start using women and children as human shields, I’d call that violent.  When their religion promotes converting people by force, I’d call that violent.  When families take out full page ads in local newspapers praising their own little home-grown suicide bomber, often BEFORE the attack, I’d call that violent.  When they say that it’s “for Allah”, I’d call the religion violent. 

I don’t think the Pope should be apolgizing.  Don’t get me wrong – Christianity has it’s share of ills.  All religions do.  I just don’t think he should be made to feel obligated to apologize for speaking the truth.  We have to quit tiptoing around the pink elephant in the center of the room. 


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