People Still Do This???

In medieval times, there was often a trial to prove if you were innocent.  These were things like trial by combat – one person made an accusation against you, so the two of you would fight it out.  The winner was presumed to be telling the truth – whole new meaning to might makes right. 

There were other forms of trial too – but most of them would be considered torture.  They included things like putting your leg in a boiling cauldron of water.  The idea behind this is if you are innocent then God wouldn’t possibly allow you be injured by it.  Now as we all know, that’s a load of hooey.  Heat burns, knives stick, pins poke…you get the idea. 

Unfortunately, there’s a village in India that still doesn’t.  The village elders there ordered 50 of the residents to attempt to pick a copper ring out of the bottom of a pan of boiling hot oil.  There was a theft of food from the local school  and when no one confessed, the order was given.  Anyone who refused would be ostracized by the community and considered guilty. 

To my way  of thinking, there are some dumba$$ village elders who ordered this crap.  There are also 50 even dumber guys with burnt hands from actually trying this instead of telling the village elders to get into the 21st century.  Once again, proof that stupidity is an international phenomenon.