Political Correctness – Completely Out of Hand

I really hate political correctness.  I think it’s an absolute waste of time.  All it really amounts to is putting nicer sounding labels on the same racists, sexists, etc. bull$hit.  It is still about using the same “cubbyholes” that have already existed.  It make about the same amount of difference as saying “Golly darn” or “God dammit”.  You’re still swearing, it just doesn’t sound as bad. 

It doesn’t matter if you call someone a beaner or a hispanic.  You’ve still just labeled them based on race and it still carries the same stereotypes.  All it does is sound a little nicer and it gets the recipient of the label to accept the label, instead of disputing it.  

The same thing applies to the symbols people use.  The swastika, which is a perversion of an older symbol, has become so “odious” that no one wants to use anything that might even be mistaken for it.  Keep in mind that the “swastika” is an ancient symbol.  It was used in ancient city of Corinth and even appeared on their coins.  I call the Nazi symbol a perversion because the directions that the “arms” point in is quite important.  Pointed to the right, as the Nazi’s used it, it is a symbol for death and destruction.  Pointed to the left, as it has been used in India for millennia, it’s a symbol of life and blessing. 

This whole thing has been blown out of proportion so that little old Latvian ladies are being told what to knit into their mittens.  The left-facing version of the symbol is called a “Thunder Cross” there and it’s a very old traditional symbol that used on clothing and all kinds of things.