In-DUH-viduals on Trial

Here’s the short version – there is this dumba$$ in court and while he’s there, he does the same thing he’s up on charges for. 

Here’s how that works out…

He’s a criminal and a terrorist who is up on charges for threatening a judge.  During his trial for making threats against another judge, he starts threatening the judge who’s in charge of his current trial. 

Keep in mind that this is probably going to be the man that sentences him once he’s found guilty. 

This so stupid that there are several phrases that spring to mind….

  1. He didn’t have a gene pool, he had a gene puddle
  2. His family tree looks like my hair braid
  3. Sharp as a sack
  4. About as bright as the bottom of a coal mine
  5. Reason number three not to sniff air plane glue