Watch Out For Those Killer Squirrels

One of our poor fuzzy little friends bought the farm.  For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that this is probably an excuse for a party at my house.  For you newbies, we have what I consider to be a squirrel infestation.  The nightly hoe-downs in our attic finally got to me and we called an exteminator.  It was a good thing, too since they had been chewing on the wiring and were dangerously close to burning down our house. 

Now that you know that I don’t have a fondness for squirrels, on with the real story.  An opera singer was biking to stay fit when a squirrel ran into the spokes of his bicycle.  Unfortunately the opera singer ended up with a broken nose and a concussion.  The timing is really unfortunate since his new opera is supposed to open in a few weeks. 

Damn that Murphy!