Nukes in Iran

Since Iran has one of the greatest concentrations of fossil fuels on the planet, I’m still trying to figure out why they insist on enriching uranium “for power”.  The only thing I can come up with is that they want running lights on their camels. 

If they want to generate electricity, a natural gas plant would be much cheaper to build and doesn’t have the waste disposal issues that a nuclear plant does.  My personal feeling is that they’re doing this in order to build a bomb.  I don’t know about you, but I find this to be incredibly disturbing. 

Theocracy hasn’t been a viable form of government here in the west since the middle ages, so let’s try to explain this in terms that most people can understand.  You only have one religion.  It doesn’t really matter, just pick one – Methodist, Buddist, whatever.  Your local preacher is also head of the local government. 

If he says that something…say a movie is bad…it’s banned in your neighborhood.  If he says that you’ve broken some religious ordinace, you go to jail.  Now, let’s imagine for a moment that one of the tenents of your religion is that you are required to convert anyone and everyone you come into contact with.  If you have to do so by force, that’s ok since it’s written into what you would consider to be your Bible that you should do this. 

This is the regime that’s sitting around currently enriching uranium.  They have exactly 0 financial incentive for this since any power generation could be done far more cost effectively with natural gas, which Iran has an abundance of.  Instead, they are importing uranium.  Now, the next logical conclusion is that they’re not doing this to generate electricity. 

Since nuclear materials only have two uses – power generation and bombs,  the next logical conclusion is pretty simple.  The only reason that they could be doing this is to develop a bomb.  The big question is who are they going to bomb.  My guess is Israel, but I could be wrong.  We could be in for something far worse than the Twin Towers.  Instead of a couple of buildings collapsing, we’ll be looking at New York as ground zero for a nuke. 

Now, I don’t just have a problem….I have a solution too.  Since all nuclear matierals have what’s called a decay signature, we should be buying…quietly and on the black market…the same stuff.  We should use it to build our own bomb and drop it on their facility.  Then we can sit back and say, “Oh…darn the luck…too bad you guys blew yourselves up.  Here….let us help you clean up that mess….You can just pay us in oil.”


3 thoughts on “Nukes in Iran

  1. Since Iran has one of the greatest concentrations of fossil fuels on the planet, I’m still trying to figure out why they insist on enriching uranium “for power”. Comparitive advantage. They’ll make more money selling oil than consuming it themselves when a cheaper alternative for power exists (nuclear power). However, I agree with you, Iran is up to something. Although I’m not convinced just yet it’s nuclear weapons.

  2. You know, I’m not a supporter of nuclear weapons, or, for that matter, nuclear energy, but I do find it increadibly hypocitical that our Govts are telling Iran that they can’t have either when we have both. Just an observation.

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