Gas Hogs A Go-Go

Dodge has released a new honkin’ truck.  Some of the PC/tree-hugger/enviro-nazi types are whining about it because it only gets 7mpg in the city. 

Let’s chat about this for a moment.  First off, if you buy a truck like that, you aren’t very likely to be living “in the city”.  One, it’s too dang hard to find a parking place.  Let’s face it – most parking lots are striped for mini-Coopers and not the behemoth vehicles.

Secondly, if you’ve bought such a behemoth, it’s likely because you have some need for it – either in hauling or towing which renders it a work truck.  I hate to tell the tree-hugging hippies this, but even your $8.00/lb free range chicken breasts get hauled – by – OMG – a truck –  into the grocery store.  People need vehicles that can do stuff.  If everyone’s driving a Prius, how much food do you think is going to make it to the grocery store dumba$$?  

Thirdly, why does it have to run on petrolium?  Isn’t E-85 or biodiesel a totally viable alternative?  The truck I own now is “flex fuel ready” – it rolled off the assembly line that way.  Most cars and trucks currently on the road did.  My  biggiest question is this:

Why aren’t we converting to using more ethanol?  Why are we continuing to buy oil which only goes to fund the jacka$$e$ we’re over in Iraq fighting?  Ethanol production for fuel would provide a whole new lease on life to our economy.  Can anyone say creation of jobs????

I currently own a Dodge RAM quad-cab just a few years older than this one and with nearly as big an engine.  I don’t drive it to work most days because we do live “in the city.”  What I have considered doing is trading it in for much the same model but with a diesel engine so that I can make and burn my own biodiesel. 


One thought on “Gas Hogs A Go-Go

  1. You’d be surprised by how many people buy these HUGE vehicles that get ultra low gas mileage just because. In fact, my roommate bought a brand new Dodge a few months ago. It gets 15 mpg on the highway and 11 in the city, according to the device that measures mpg in the truck. She doesn’t use it for anything other than going to work and… well, just general driving. She says she’d rather feel “safe” in one of those monsters and pay more in gas than have to be hit by a bigger vehicle in a smaller car (like a prius) and end up in the hospital.Brian

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