Is Texas in America or Mexico???

Since the INS has only seen fit to staff the North Texas INS office (Immigration & Naturalization) with a whopping 8 officers, a city councilman here in North Texas has proposed an alternative solution.  You folks from other states may not undertand what’s going on here in Texas, but things are starting to get very bad. 

Our public eduction system is in a shambles.  Our tax dollars go toward funding education for people who don’t pay taxes to support the educational system.  In return, are they grateful for a free education?  No, instead they demand that we teach their children in their own language, putting the system to a great deal of extra expense in finding teachers, text books, etc to pay for this.  Our tax dollars go toward funding health care for people who again, pay no taxes to support the system.  One third of my property tax goes to support the healthcare for illegal immigrants.  18-26% of the people in our jails are here illegally.  That’s a lot of tax dollars to keep someone imprisoned that isn’t even supposed to be here. Furthermore, they’ve started demaning that signs, government publications, voting, etc. all be handled in their native language.  There is a huge cost to having to translate every single publically available government document. 

All of these things add up and they add up to a LOT of money.  How much
money?  Well, let’s just say it’s more zeros that you have in your bank
account.  The total for this to Texas tax payers – $4,700,000,000.00
dollars PER YEAR and no, the “0’s” are not typos. That’s $4.7 billion a
year.  I suppose that we should be grateful that we’re not in
California where it’s $9,000,000,000.00. Here’s how that breaks down for Texas.  “The costs when broken down
comes to a total of $725 a year per taxpaying
household to cover the costs of education, health care and
incarceration of illegal aliens throughout the state.”  I don’t know
about you, but when somone is taking $725 a year out of my pocket, I
tend to get a little angry.

Total population is Texas is 20,851,820.  Best estimates show that
there are between 2,000,000 and 4,000,000 illegal aliens in Texas. 
That’s 10 to 20% of our population.  How in the world the Feds expect 8
(no zeros and it’s not a typo) agents to control that is beyond me. “This influx is bankrupting state and local governments, hospitals, school districts, prisons, and social services across the Southwest. The influx is also fueling a wide range of criminal activities in the United States, from the simple, such as the hiring of illegal aliens by American companies, to the serious, such as drug running, human trafficking, organized criminal activity, gang activity, weapons violations, burglaries, auto thefts, etc., etc. In addition, terrorists from overseas nations could gain entry to the United States through our porous borders.”

Don’t get me wrong.  I like many Hispanics, particularly the ones that come here on a visa and who pay their taxes.  It just isn’t fair that we print documents in Spanish, but not Vietnamese.  It isn’t fair that we educate children in Spanish, but not Tagalog.  The Declaration of Independence says that “All men are created equal.”   It says nothing about some groups being more equal than others.  Since 1) English is the official language and 2) EVERY OTHER GROUP HAS TO LEARN IT, why are hispanics “special”? 

In response to this, a councilman on a local city council has come up with a plan.  His position is that since the Feds are refusing to act and since the state is too overwhelmed to act, that the local communities need to step into the breach with some legislation to help stem the tide.  He has proposed a series of city ordinances for a surburb here (Farmer’s Branch) that will do the following:

  1. Declare English as the official language of Farmer’s Branch.  This means that all city publications, etc. will ONLY be in English. 
  2. Before you can lease someone an apartment or house, you have to check for proof of citizenship.
  3. Forfiture for any business caught hiring illegal aliens. 
  4. Requiring proof of citizenship before being allowed to access any tax payer funded city services. 

In response to this novel idea, LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) is actively seeking to drive this man out of his office.  They have started a media “smear campaign” and have threatened him so that he’s now selling his house.  They have labeled him a racist, even though he’s clearly stated on many occasions that he wants to do this for every for a variety of reaons, not the least of which is to protect us from terrorists who might be in the country illegally. 


2 thoughts on “Is Texas in America or Mexico???

  1. My knee-jerk reaction after reading this was that those $1566 per mexican per year that are coming out of the taxpayers’ pockets would have gone into the paycheck of some american citizen that was unable to find a better job. I suppose it comes down to compromising between a heavier bill after one’s evening at the restaurant and getting a little less angry when paying one’s taxes. (I’m not in the US ATM and not planning to be in the forseeable future FWIW but know enough people working there – both legally and not – to find the theme somewhat interesting).

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