Advertising with In-DUH-viduals

OMG!  I’m sitting here watching it rain and watching TV.  Then the Bowflex ad comes on and there is this guy on there. 

He’s not particularly muscular or particulary good looking.  Worse yet, he tripped the gaydar. 

Now I’m wonding why they’re trying to sell a product to weight lifting guys (proverbial manly men)  with a gay guy who’s only working out so that he can still pick up younger men down at the local watering hole.


3 thoughts on “Advertising with In-DUH-viduals

  1. Why do “manly men” like to watch other “manly men” feel each other up (wrestling)? Quite the engima.

  2. Definitely. I used to be super good at pool. Now I suck. If I were to play my 8 year old self, my 8 year old self would rip me to shreds.Brian

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