Cell Phones in the Modern Age

Ever been in an embarassing situation you wanted out of?  Ever wanted to get out of date that wasn’t going well?  Ever wanted to impress someone?  Ever wanted to be popular?

Well, for you lamers out there and you know who you are….

There’s a nifty new FREE service out there…

It’s called the Popularity Dialer

It can pretend to be your boss calling, needing you to come back to the office.  A perfect out for those awkward social situtions where you need a “graceful shutdown”. 

It can prentend to be your friend, boy friend, or girl friend calling to see if you want to go out later.  If you’re female, having the BF call to ask you while you’re at work may well help to keep the “office hounds” at bay.  Many women who aren’t married wear wedding rings for this express purpose.  It can also make other think you’re popular, which is where we get into the whole “lamer” aspect.  You can have 500 friends on MySpace, but no one to have a beer with after work.  Niiice…maybe you should get away from the keyboard and out of the house.  Who knows…you might even have real friends, instead of imaginary ones, calling your phone….


3 thoughts on “Cell Phones in the Modern Age

  1. Heh, that’s like asking a staff member to page you out of a clinic visit after 15 minutes.
    Yeah, the vets deserve good care.  In Dallas I was pretty depressed by the relatively poor care and low satisfaction rate that the patients had for there care, even though the facility was beautiful and up to date.  Unfortunately staff motivation and organizational infrastructure tend to be lacking.  The patients at this Fresno VA seem to have a lot less things to be upset about, and more good (sometimes frighteningly good) things to say about their care there.  I hope that the reality can match up to their perceptions.  It’s really heartwarming when they feel well-cared for.

  2. Popularity is the new commodity. Awesome. Can I get fries with this? Thanks for the book recommendations. I’ll definitely do some reading during my deployment.

  3. hehe.  I think leading a congregation is more than just being “harmless” to them 🙂  Personally, I think it’d have to take an obvious sign from God to make me do any real preaching. 

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