In-DUH-viduals on Mass Transit

I’ll post a photo for you guys later, but this particular in-duh-vidual got on the train this morning with these wierd paper cut-outs pinned all over his clothing.  They look like he used the lid off a coffee can to cut circles out of paper.  Then he wrote all these wierd semi-scriptural sayings in spirals on each of the circles.  It was strange stuff like “The Beast Must and WILL DIE!!!” 

It was seriously creepy.  The kind of creepy thing where if you see them show up with shovels and trash bags, you leave quietly through the back door. 


4 thoughts on “In-DUH-viduals on Mass Transit

  1. I’ve always found mass transit as some kind of adventure. Or perhaps crackerjack box. You just never know what kind of prize you’ll find on it.

  2. Hehe.  Blowdryer is bad, huh?  Man.  Maybe I’m not mentally prepared for this info – I like my hairdryer, in all its convenience ;p
    Thanks for the info. 

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