Well, I’ve managed to add several chapters to my fiction.  Ya’ll go check it and leave me a review.



3 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Thanks for the helpful words.By the way, Darbye said that she never got pregnant… I’m thankful.I’m sure that you’re right. The main reason I didn’t enjoy the sex was because I was so worried about everything going wrong. Once I am married, it will be much different. Anyway… thanks again. I’ll keep your words close.Brian

  2. That was actually good. I especially liked the bit:Nathrrya arches a brow at the pair, “Since you are inexperienced in keeping males, I will tell you how to go about it. Weekly beatings and occasional sex keep their disposition, but the best way to keep a male is barefooted and naked. Underfed, too if you can mange it.”Morrighu looks puzzled so Nathrrya continues, “If you keep then in such a state, they can hardly run away.”I’ll have to give a more careful read and get through your first two installments to give you good criticism, I was racing through it to find the “racy” parts. 😉

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