Seen on the Rear Window

Sign on the back window of a mini-van

Gently driven
phone number withheld to protect the stupid

Why is that funny?  Because he passed me on the freeway, weaving in and out of traffic at about 80 mph. 

Called the phone number on my cell.  Got an elderly lady. 

Me:  Do you still have the minivan for sale?
Her: Yes, I do.
Me:  Could I come by and look at it?
Her: My son borrowed it.  When he gets back with it I can call you. 
Me:  Don’t bother. I’m not really that interested in it after all.  You might want to tell him to slow down and stop weaving.  I’m doing 75 on the freeway and he passed me.
Her What ???
Me:  Yeah,  you just tell him that you talked to the driver of the <beep> that he cut off.  Driving like a lunatic with your phone number on the vehicle isn’t the brightest move.

Yes, I drive like the proverbial BOH, but hey, this is Texas.  It’s 50 miles to anywhere. 


One thought on “Seen on the Rear Window

  1. BOH? I’m relatively new to driving on the mainland. Driving 60+ on a highway is foreign to me. Back in Hawaii top speed on a highway is 45. It makes it difficult to find the streets to turn on, parking lots to pull into, etc. I guess I’ll adapt or die. ;p

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