Iran and the Bomb

I just finished watching a special on TV about the Iran hostage thing that happened back in the 70’s.  I’ve been doing some thinking about this same group of yahoo’s having an atomic weapon.  Here’s my idea…

If we bomb their bomb, how can they be sure they didn’t set it off themselves?

Since all plutonium has decay signatures that show where it came from, all we need to do is match their plutonium.  They’ll never be able to prove a thing.

We can just sit back and calmly say “Damn the bad luck!  You guys need some help with that mess?”

Seriously, what do they need atomic power for…running lights on their camels?

Just a thought…


One thought on “Iran and the Bomb

  1. Iran has been seeking nuclear power for a long time, this is nothing new. We originally gave it to them, before the overthrow of Shah and hostage situation. Of course, our support stopped after all that. Economically, it makes sense for Iran to use nuclear power to power their electric grids, and sell their oil on the market. Comparitive advantage and all that.The key question that the international community has for Iran is why did they keep much of their nuclear infrastructure, including enrichment plants, secret. This practice is strictly forbidden by the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty which they signed. Becoming a member of this group entails you to nuclear secrets but requires you to be forthcoming with all your research, facilities, etc. The answer some people fear is that they didn’t want us to know how far Iran was in their covert pursuit of nuclear weapons. The answer Iran offers is that we wouldn’t have trusted them anyway, so they went behind the IAEA’s back.

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