Crime Reform

I’ve decided to continue on my reform binge and start reforming criminal law.  If we lived in my world, here’s how it would work.  Twenty percent of the population is responsbile for 80% of the crime.  We’ve tried to rehabilitate these people and so far they’ve proved pretty resistant.  96% of all sex offenders re-offend within 5 years of release.  That means that for ever sex offender released, there’s a near certainty that person will ruin another life within 5 years.  How are we still releasing these people? 

If you are convicted of any violent crime, you get an automatic death penalty. This includes kidnapping, rape, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and murder.  The theory here is that if you can’t play well with the rest of us, your recess pass gets revoked.   Furthermore, if you’re old enough to commit the crime, you’re old enough to be tried as an adult  and sentenced as an adult.  Don’t want to die…don’t do it. 

If you commit property crime, such as theft, vandalism, burglary, or stealing a car, you will be required to make restitution for the property and/or any damages.  Your jail sentence lasts until you are able to make full reparations or the end of your minimum sentence, which ever is longer. Each offense should double the minimum sentence.  For example, if you commit theft under $200, your second offence would be 1 year and your third would be 2 years. 

Under $200 – 6 months in jail, first offence
$201 – $500 – 1 year in jail, first offense
$500 – $1000 – 3 years in jail, first offense
$1000 and up – 5 years, first offense

Much like my welfare reform, you get to work instead of watching TV and working out.  If you are a child, your parents are required to make restitution.  If they have to pay, perhaps they’ll keep a better eye on their kids.  If the child cannot be controlled they can always make them an emancipated minor.  In addition, you will have the nature of your crime tattoed on your forehead.  The letters must be at least 2 inches tall and cannot be removed for a period of 10 years after your release. 

Marajuana would be legalized and taxed like tobacco.  Possession of more than one ounce any other drug will result in a tatoo that says “Drug Dealer”, seizure of all assets and possessions (cars, houses, boats, businesses, bank accounts, you name it),  as well as life in prison.  Possesion of less than an ouce will result in a tatoo that says “Junkie”, seizure of all assets and possesions, as well as 10 years in prison and a mandatory rehab program.  
Once again, the tatoo must be in letters 2 inches tall and cannot be removed for a period of 10 years after your release. 

The concealed carry law would become Federal law.  All adult citizens would be required to take the CHL class.  Anyone passing the test would be issued a side arm.  Anyone caught carrying a gun or knife illegally would be subject to 1 year in jail for a first offense.

Anyone caught driving under the influcence would have their driver’s license permanent revoked, their car seized, and be subject to 1 year in jail.  Anyone caught DUI a second time gets a tatoo, “DUI” on their forehead, a $10,000 fine, and 2 years in jail. 

If you flee to avoid prosecution, your sentence is automatically tripled.  If you would have had a 6 month sentence, it just became 18 months. 

Obstruction of justice shall carry the same penalty as the crime itself.  For example, if you obstruct justice in a murder case, you are also subject to the death penalty.  If you obstruct justice in theft case where the theft is under $200, you are subject to 6 months in jail as well as restitution. 

Prostitution would be legalized but restricted to specific districts.  The religious right can bite me on this one.  Anyone engaged in prostituion would be required to show a license with a photo and a thumb print on it.  Monthly medical exams and AIDS tests would be required.   Prostitutes would be required to supply a condom to each customer.  Using the condom might be another matter.  I know that I don’t really want check.  The income would be taxed. 

Gambling would be legalized but restricted to specific districts.  Refer to the Nevada Gaming Regulations on this one.  They’ve worked out a good model for it.  Why re-invent the wheel?

Porn is legal so long as everyone involved is a consenting adult.  he religious right can bite me on this one, too.  It may be required to be sold in plain brown or black wrappers, but so is Hustler.  If they aren’t consenting or they aren’t adults, see the section about violent crime. 


2 thoughts on “Crime Reform

  1. If you are convicted of any violent crime, you get an automatic death penalty.LOL, you really are from Texas. The problem I see with just giving any violent crime the death penalty is that you create incentive now violent crime offenders to kill people. Here’s how it works: Guy comes into a liquor store, holds up the cashier, runs and leaves. He’s just there for the cash, not really interested in murdering the cashier, there’s not much benefit in killing him. The robber does quick risk calculus, killing this person will have a marginal effect on my chances of getting caught (maybe the cashier can ID him physically, or by voice, or something) but it significantly increases his prison time if he does get caught. Hence, most armed robberies don’t end in murder. Now, when you make armed robbering a capital offense, you increase the likelihood that he’ll murder the cashier because you removed the disincentive to kill him, and the incentive of killing the only other witness to the crime, the victim, is still there. Ditto for rape, kidnapping, etc.I like the idea of restorations for property crime, as well as legalizing marijuana, gambling, prostitution and porn. How very liberal of you. :)But what’s up with the concealed carry? Yikes! More guns on the street will mean a higher probability of deranged inviduals carrying out personal jihads on schools, work places, etc. Your political leanings confuse me. :(Good stuff though.

  2. Nah…see my world is a pretty realistic place. I’d rather legalize prostitution so that we can make sure they aren’t spreading diseeases. Isn’t better to have it legal, taxed, and make sure that the women are getting health inspections? I’m not saying I condone it, but it’s not called the worlds oldest profession for nothing. The fact of the matter is that it’s here and it’s not going away. Since it isn’t going away, I find it better to try to deal with it in a realistic and constructive fashion. I regard porn, gambling, and marajuana in much the same light. I’ve walked along too many creek bottom and seen the stuff growing to a height well over my head. Having dealt with security in several situations, I can tell you that I’d much rather deal with a stoner than a drunk. Alcohol is legal, but marajuana isn’t??? When’s the last time you’ve seen an angry violent stoner? Yet the angry violent drunk is almost a proverb amongst those that work in bars. I don’t really approve of porn, but again, I’m a realist. People are going to do what they’re going to do. As long as it involves consenting adults, who am I to judge? The only real moral issue I take with it is when they start to drag in non-conseting adults or people who are too young to give informed consent. Gambling has always been around – legal and otherwise. The best thing to do is to legalize it, regulate it, and tax it. we’ve tried all the gun control hoakum. It’s pretty much been proven not to work. See here’s the deal…Item 1 – Criminals by the very definition of what they do, break laws.Item 2 – Gun control consists of laws. Since criminals break laws, what you makes you think they’re going to pay attention to the law now?Here’s how your liquor store scenario works in my world…Method #1 Robber comes in to rob store. Clerk shoots robber. Taxpayers do not have to pay for trial.Method #2Robber comes in to rob store. Shopper in store shoots robber. Taxpayers do not have to pay for a trial.Method #3Robber comes in to rob store. Robber shoots clerk. Robber is identified from security cameras. Robber gets death penalty. No more stores robbed by this jackass and no more clercks killed. As for your crowd scene, here’s how that plays out in my world…Jackass whips out a gun at the mall and starts trying to pick people off. The rest of the crowd all whip out their guns. No more jackass and the taxpayers don’t have to pay for a trial.

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