T-Mobile Needs A Dictionary

It seems that T-Mobile has been sending out nasty-grams to it’s customers who have “unlimited” service.  I say “unlimited” because T-Mobile has been terminating them for using too many minutes even though they’re paying for an unlimited minutes plan.  Now, my question is what part of “unlimited” don’t they understand? 

If anyone with T-Mobile has been getting letters like this, I’d encourage them to switch to MetroPCS.  They’re new here in the DFW area but it’s $40/month for all you can talk with free long distance.  The ONLY plans MetroPCS has are unlimited minutes.  If they ever start offering unlimited data, Sprint can kiss my $$$ good-bye. 

Given this relative newcomer is making huge inroads into the lucrative wireless marketing, I’d say that T-Mobile needs to remove its occular colonic occlusion and get with the program.  Instead of terminating loyal customers, they should be trying to match the price point and plan features of their newest competitior. 


2 thoughts on “T-Mobile Needs A Dictionary

  1. That is EXTREMELY ridiculous. I hate how this is happening… not even just with cellular services, but there’s a possibility of it happening with internet services as well, as you probably know. I wish companies wouldn’t do this. It’s completely unfair to the customer.Brian

  2. Yeah I’m late on this one but unfortunately they can afford to get rid of those customers because they represent a very small percentage of their users. ISP’s do this on a regular basis with customers who consume too much bandwidth, out here in NY cablevision is the big monopoly and they will either drop you for using too much bw or throttle your service down from 15Mbps/2Mbps to somewhere around 1Mbps/768Kbps companies should just stop advertising unlimited services if they don’t really mean it. And if anyone aside from sprint starts offering a reasonable unlimited data plan I’m leaving sprint also their data plan kicks a$$ but their phone service is beyond horrendous.

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