My Welfare Reform

I figure since I’m busy reforming everything, I’ll tackle this one
too.  It’s one of my pet peeves and I’m going to give you a story from
a friend to illustrate why.  My friend is from Jamacia, where everyone
wears braids, and she makes a nice living here braiding hair.  We’ll
call my friend Tina.  She makes about $200 per client and she can do
three a day.  The salon she works in hired a massage therapist.  Tina
starts chatting with the new massage therapist, who we’ll call
Melinda.  Tina finds out that Melinda has been on welfare for years,
that our tax dollars sent her to massage therapy school, and that
Melinda is now making $700-800 per week plus tips.  Unlike waitresses,
massage therapists aren’t required to report their tips as income to
the IRS.  Melinda says that she makes another $300-$500 per week in
tips.  That’s $1000-$1300 per week as her new income.  When Melinda
finds out how much money she’s made, she promply quits her job since
she’ll loose all of her federal aid if she makes that much money. 
She’d rather have food stamps, Section 8 housing, etc than actually
work for a living.  She felt it was more lucrative to remain on public assistance than to earn $52,000 – $63, 000 per year. 

That’s just wrong and it needs to be fixed immediately.  As a tax paying american that’s funding this B.S., I have to tell you
that I’m not very happy and while we’re reforming the immigration
system, let’s just broaden our scope and reform the rest of world while we’re at it.  I have a few basic tenants, which I’ll try to incorporate into this.  One, charity begins at home.  Two, mooching and handouts are bad for your soul.  Three, working for what you want brings pride and self respect.  Four, the goal of welfare should not be to perpetuate generations of poverty but to rehabiliate people and get them off public assistance.  Now, item #4 may take a good boot in the pants, but hey, who hasn’t needed one at least once in their life?

My new welfare rules:

  1. If you aren’t a citizen, you don’t get it.  If you’re a permanent resident, we’ll give it you but your home country pays for it.  If you aren’t a permanent resident, we’ll let you work to pay for your ticket home if you can’t afford one.
  2. If you are getting paid by the government, you will be working for the government.  No more lounging around.  If all else fails, you can pick up trash on the side of the highway, answer the phone, or just hold the door open .   There are a variety of jobs for a variety of skills.  I’m sure we can find something you can do unless you’re bedridden and even then, we might be able to come up with something. 
  3. Unless you are totally physically disabled, you can work doing something.  It may not be your dream job, but my job isn’t my dream job either.  Get over it. 
  4. You will come up with a plan to get yourself off welfare.  You have 5 years – figure it out.  We will provide testing, councellors, and training to help you.  We suggest you get started right away. 
  5. You should have to be off welfare for at least 3 years before you’re allowed to reapply. 
  6. If you are on welfare, you are obviously not in a position to care for yourself.  Society is having to care for you.  Kindly don’t add to my burden as a tax payer by increasing the number of people I’m supporting willy-nilly.  Rephrased, any children that are conceived while you are on welfare do not entitle you to any additional benefits of any kind.  In short, abstain, use the pill, or whatever else your concience directs you to do.  Just understand that I don’t feel obligated to bear the burden of your poor decisions (i.e. getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant when you can’t even support yourself).
  7. We should identify specific niche areas, like machinists, where the population is aging rapidly but new members are not coming into the profession.  We should try to interest as many people as possible in this as  means to keep them off public assistance permanently.

7 thoughts on “My Welfare Reform

  1. Wow, you’re a real bitch, I’m a science student (not that it matters) and about as far right leaning as they come, and yet I cannot support the statement of “Kindly don’t add to my burden as a tax payer by increasing the number of people I’m supporting willy-nilly.”
    Since you’re clearly lacking a soul, allow me to elaborate. By no means should the next generation be punished for the faults of their parents, by adhering to this train of thought, all you do is propagate the cycle which you so vehemently oppose. Fuck the parents and what is the likelihood the kids will become contributing members of society?
     You offer various forms of birth control as a solution, yet you do not suggest how these low income mothers are to acquire them. You also make no mention of subsidizing the cost of an abortion.
    While I don’t disagree with the proposal of “Working welfare” I do believe that exceptions must be made for children, and single parent families with children, or do you propose mass day care for all youth? (This WILL increase your taxes btw).  Or there is the alternative… That being neglecting the children (see earlier paragraph about the effect of doing this). In neglecting the child however, you are likely to have social services called (another waste of money I suppose?) and the child will be apprehended and placed into the care of the state, yippee, now you have to pay more social workers as well as a minimum standard of living for the children not to mention care workers for where the kids are places, oh and don’t forget their foster parents. (I like your logic).
    Lastly also note, if all of your “ideas” were implemented your taxes are still not likely to decrease, the government will find another use for them, and if not, perhaps you’ll finally see a surplus, either way, your taxes remain. Find some other outlet for your creative energy rather than writing a blog to complain, why not construct a way to provide these under privileged children better health care, or education, and stop the cycle.
    I can say with certainty I will not return to your website, if you have a witty retort please feel free to e-mail it to me @

  2. Well, lets start off by saying that I’ve not dished out any personal insults to you. Anyone who cannot offer a logical basis for argument pretty much isn’t worth me wasting my time on. The current system we have propigates the cycle nicely. It hasn’t needed any intervention for at least 6 generations here in Texas. We’ve tried playing nice with the parents and all it’s done is breed a sub-society that’s been dependent on welfare for generatations. Since most goverment assistance includes medical assistance, I would have thought the MOTHERS AND FATHERS of these children might be able to purchase…oooohhh… some condoms. Or at least haul themselves down to the local Planned Parenthood clinic where they’re available for…ooohhh…free. How they acquire them is not my problem. I didn’t advise them to have sex. Your position advocates that they get to have sex, create a person that they cannot financially support and then pawn the bills for the kid off on me and every other American tax payer. IT’S NOT FAIR!!!I can guarantee you that I’ve paid more a year in taxes than some people make in a year. That’s completely inexcusable. I would’t mind if they spent the money on something worthwhile – like the mission to mars. I do object when it gets sucked down to support yet another generation of loosers who are unable to care for themselves. Furthermore, I could care less if you choose to return or not. People who call names usually do so because someone’s held a mirror up for them and they didn’t like what they saw.

  3. Futhermore, since when did procreation and having sex become a right? If you can’t care for yourself, you have no right to bring others, including the innocent children this poster seems to be so fond of, into the equation. Maybe if you can’t afford to have another kid, you should….NOT HAVE ONE! What a revolutionary idea! Yes, folks, this is the concept makes me a souless bitch. Since you’re still a student, I’m guessing that you don’t pay taxes yet. Wait until you get out into the real world and you find out that you spend between 3 and 4 months out of your year, each year, working for Uncle Sam. Then tell me how you feel about it, espeically when 80% goes to fund some social program you couldn’t qualify for on your worst day. People who have jobs, when they have additional children, they have to figure out how to make ends meet. No one gives them a raise just because they decided to squeeze out another kid. They don’t get any extra perks to cover the cost of diapers, formula, or a college education for the kid. Why should parents on welfare find out it works any differently for them?

  4. Well, I’ve taken the flaming weazel up on his offer to email him, though in truth, all I really expect is more name calling and abuse. Oh, well…he might surprise me.

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