In-DUH-viduals and Immigration

We have a large concentration of illegal immigrants in the Southwest
states.  On doing some investigation, we have exactly 8 US
Immigration officers here in Dallas.  Now, how 8 people are
supposed to stem the tide of immigrants pouring over the border into
Texas is beyond me.  My sister, who lives in West Texas, has
trouble keeping her fences up on her ranch.  She even went so far
as to put in a gate and post signs in spanish asking them to use the
gate and stop letting her cattle out.  All to no avail.  Many
of the ranchers in the area have taken on the task of patrolling their
property themselves, in an effort to keep their cattle and their
livelihoods in tact. 

As for the recent protests, you are
here illegally.  What makes you think you have a say in
anything?  You broke the law to come here.  You break the law
to work here.  Then you expect a special pass on becoming citizens
because you managed to pack yourself into the back of an 18-wheeler and
be smuggled to Dallas.  This is, by the way, the usual route for
them to reach here.  It’s an absolute slap in the face of every
person who has gone through the process to come here the right

I want to be very clear on this.  I don’t hate
immigrants.  One of my best friends in the world came to this
country legally.  I have several co-workers who worked hard to
come here legally.  I repect all of them for that.  I don’t
hate Americans of Latino extraction.  I’m glad that they’re
here.  Without them, we wouldn’t have the fine Mexican,
Argentinian, Salvadoran, or Brazilian restraunts here that I’m so fond
of.  In fact without them, the independence of Texas from Mexico
would never have been possible.  They fought at the Alamo, at San
Jacinto, and Goliad.  They have always been our friends and
neighbors, pulling together as a community when there was a time of

No, what I hate are people who sneak in our
country at a time when we are dealing with terrorists and start
demanding special rights.  They don’t pay into tax system that
supports our social infrastructure yet they claim to be entitled to
draw against it.  For whatever reason, they think they are
entitled to social services.  For example, they send their
children to our schools.  Even though they pay none of the taxes
that support the school system, their kids take up a seat that everyone
else who has a visa or citizenship has to pay for.  They use our
hospital systems.  Here in Texas, our taxes provide for medical
care for everyone including the indigent.  This system is being
taxed heavily by the flood of illegal immigrants. 

get me wrong…the process isn’t perfect, but it is there for a
reason.  It’s there to keep terrorists out of our country. 
It’s there to keep various communicable diseases out of our
country.  It’s there to keep some other things out of our country
like invasive plants and destructive insects.  While I tend to
agree that the we need to revamp the system, I would also say that
certain parts of it are well worth saving. 

We have this
nifty thing here called theWest Nile Virus, which is an import thanks
to the lax immigration policies under Clinton.  West Nile isn’t
particulary contagious and has caused fewer than a dozen fatalities
here in the North Texas area since it was first discovered here.  
Given the near-hysteria over West Nile, I can only imagine the chaos
that would erupt if we had a case of Ebola in New York on the
subway.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with Ebola, it’s
highly contagious and extremely deadly.  That along with a really
short time to fatality is the one saving grace for modern
civilization.  Most people that get it don’t live long enough to
get to a major population center.  The “kill rate” is upward of 90
percent.  A case in point were some illegal Asian immiagrants who
were stopped in Italy recently.  They were carrying chickens
contaminated with Bird Flu.  This is a prime example of what I’m
talking about.  Where people go, they take their diseases with

As a historical note, the country of Mexico has not been our
friend.  There was a treaty between the Mexican government and
Hitler to invade the US overland through Mexico and into Texas. 
If that alone isn’t enough to give you the warm fuzzies, let’s look at
what American immigrants are entitled to in Mexco.

  Illegal American Immigrants in Mexico Illegal Mexican Immigrants in the USA
Send your children to school? NO Yes
Get medical care? NO Yes
Buy a house? NO Yes
Get a job? NO, you can get shot for attempting it Not legally
Is illegal immigration a felony? YES NO
Treats illegal immigrants humanely? NO Yes
Do immigration officers rob illegal immigrants? Yes No

Now let’s see what legal immigrants are entitled to in both countries…..


  Legal American Immigrants in Mexico Legal Mexican Immigrants in the USA
Send your children to school? NO Yes
Have your children taught in their native tongue? NO Yes
Have forms and signs in your native tongue? NO Yes
Be allowed to vote? NO Yes
Be allowed to hold any political office ? NO Yes
Be allowed to immigrate if you don’t speak the official language of the country? NO Yes
Immigrate as an unskilled worker? NO Yes
Be allowed to obtain ANY social services? NO Yes
Allowed to own waterfront property ? NO Yes
Have any individual rights to property at all? NO Yes
Have a demonstration or protest? NO Yes
Wave a foreign flag? NO Yes
Organize any type of political group? NO Yes
Minimum investment requirement? (40,000x the daily minimum wage for Mexico) YES No
Allowed to critized the president or his policies? NO Yes
Must a professional or an investor to immigrate? Yes NO

think this looks a little unfair to me.  I think we should write
into law that we will follow the immigration policies of the what ever
country you are attempting to immigrate from.  If you don’t want
us in your country, we don’t want you here, either.  I think
that’s fair.


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