In-DUH-viduals in Government

Given the fires in the North Texas area earlier this year, I wrote my elected officials to ask why there were not any laws about fire breaks, espeically around things like apartment complexes.  Now Rick Perry is our govenor and he had someone from his office write me back in January and tell me that “fire breaks aren’t needed in Texas.” 

Hmmm….I guess that’s why this latest round of fires has burnt up nearly a million acres, thousands of head of cattle, and at least a dozen people.  He was on TV saying that it’s one of “the worst disasters to hit Texas in decades.”  The sad part is that it was all totally preventable.  Fire breaks may not eliminate fire, but it can certianly help contain it until the fire department can get it put out.  Wouldn’t it be far better to have a few individual ranches burn rather than hundreds of thousands of acres? 

Seriously, Texas is mostly prarie.  Prarie by definition *must* burn periodically.  There are prarie plants who’s life cycle depends on period fires.  Unless their seeds are scorched by fire, they cannot grow.  If you don’t want the prarie to burn, you have to take steps to control excess vegatation and ensure that when a fire does break out, it can be controlled until it can be put out.  DUH! 


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