Parking like the In-DUH-vidual You Are

I normally don’t complain much about people parking but last night, when I got off the train I felt compelled to call and report some random in-DUH-vidual for their parking habits.  I wandered out into the lot at the train station waiting for my spouse to arrive and whisk me away.  While I’m waiting, I notice a rather large SUV parked oddly.  I wander over to take a closer look and this moron has managed to park illegally in not one but two spots AT THE SAME TIME. 

He’s parked diagonally in the handicap spaces.  Since there’s no sticker, license plate or hanging tag, I called and reported them.  It’s a $250 ticket per parking space.  The lady at the dispatch office was quite pleased and said that they’d have an officer over right away.  I told her that they would probably be able to locate the driver since the hood of the car was still warm.  She said that they didn’t have to locate the driver, just leave tickets on the windshield.


2 thoughts on “Parking like the In-DUH-vidual You Are

  1. A friend of mine drives a GMC Suburban… he has a lot of trouble parking it sometimes. I blame it on his bad driving, but he says it’s because it’s a large vehicle (even though my truck is the same size, if not bigger and I do a decent job of parking usually). He managed to park badly at a party he was going to last week and had the cops called on him because someone thought he was driving drunk. Luckily, he was one of the few at the party that actually WASN’T drinking.I’m glad to see whoever was driving that vehicle is getting what they deserve. I can’t imagine that there would be enough of an emergency to do that sort of thing at a train station/depot. Brian

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