Baggy Pants In-DUH-viduals

Coming home from work Friday on the train was an experience.  We get off the train and one of the guys in his baggy pants starts running down the train platform to make his bus.  Since his pants are really baggy, he’s got this whole “Baby Huey” speed-waddle going trying to keep his pants up and run at the same time.  I’m already giggling watching him. 

About half way to his bus, his pants finally slip down and since he’s in mid-stride, he immediately does a face plant on the sidewalk.  I admit that I was laughing far too hard to see if he was alright.  Before I can make my way over to see if he’s ok, he leaps up, snatches his pants back up and now runs for the bus holding his pants up. 


One thought on “Baggy Pants In-DUH-viduals

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!I do wear baggy pants, but not because they’re in style or anything. I wear them because they’re comfortable. I always wear a belt though… I don’t want to have to hold anything up while I’m running.Brian

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