Mark of the Beast or In-DUH-viduals in Action

This comes from a company that you’d least expect.  Their corporate motto is “Do no evil.”  They’re well known to all of us and yet they’ve started a move to consolidate all of our (end user) data into a single giant repository.

It started off innocently enough with Gmail.  Never have to delete your email again unless its spam.  Nice concept. except that they keep the stuff that you do delete.  It moved on to Google chat which, btw, logs all of your chat conversations over their servers.  Now they have a move afoot called the “G drive” which will allow you to store all of your digial media with Google – movies, music, photos, etc.  All nicely accessible from anywhere with a net connection.  They’re also trying to become content providers, a la the purchase of AOL Time Warner.  There’s also a move afoot by them to allow you to create online identities along the lines of the “digital wallet” from Microsoft (aka Passport). 

Taken all together this might not be a bad thing until say the FBI shows up with one of their nastly little “National Security Letters” and starts demanding data on you.  Since ALL of it is in a single repository (i.e. “The Belly of the Beast”), they’ll have to produce it and hand it over which means that Big Brother will have far more information about you, me, and everyone else than I deem to be appropriate. 

With that in mind, I  give you the mark of the beast…


3 thoughts on “Mark of the Beast or In-DUH-viduals in Action

  1. Even without this, the government has other ways of getting this information. In fact, I’d venture to guess that they already know just about anything about you that you could guess. IMHO, Google is only providing a user experience on the web surpassed by no other. Even if you had separate services (hotmail, yahoo briefcase, jabber, etc.) for all of the products that Google offers, the government would easily be able to get the information they needed. I know this sounds naive on my part, but think about it.Brian

  2. People need to start using encryption for all of their online communications/transactions but they don’t because they’re generally too ignorant and/or have the mentality that you’ve got something criminal to hide should you care about your privacy.What’s annoying about this is that because they don’t use encryption (such as GPG), that, in turn, forces me not to be able to use it either as it requires a trading of public keys to work. Thus, my privacy is compromised.

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