Copy and Paste In-DUH-vidual

It seems that one of the regular visitors to my site likes my blog enough to paste it up as his own entry. Yes, tennishero, I am talking about you.   While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, I find that I’m not very amused by outright plagarism.  Read the two and be sure to check the dates. 

I’ve left him several comments which he quickly deletes from his own page.  I’d urge all of you leave him a few as well.  Now this leads me to think that tennishero is:

  1. starved for attention
  2. has a boring ass life if he’s copying stuff from mine
  3. a big fat liar – no telling how much of the rest of his blog he’s copied from other people

Now that leads me to think that if he can’t be trusted with something so simple as a blog, he’s probably not much good to have around. 


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